Nov 19, 2013

Nighttime Routine


This body butter smells amazing. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.
I have oily skin so I only moisturize my face every other night. This facial cream is light, but super moisturizing. The glass jar is so pretty. I love sitting it on my nightstand and using it at bedtime each night.
I have used this hand cream since high school and love it! It contains paraffin, which works really well on my skin and leaves my hands feeling silky smooth.
I bought this coco butter stick a while back at the drugstore, thinking it would be good for something. I didn't use it for awhile until I read on Caitlin's blog that she uses it as a lip moisturizer. Genius! It's now become a staple product in my nighttime routine.
This product is named accurately. It is genius. This is one of the best foot lotions I have ever used. I can still feel it when I wake up, so I know it's done its job during the night.
When I don't use B&BW's mango body butter, I used wonderful smelling body butter from Soap and Glory. Best smell ever!
This is a new hand cream I've recently discovered by accident. Around Christmas they always have those manicure/ pedicure gift sets. I'm a sucker for these things and TJ MAXX has tons. This particular set came with some adorable house slippers, which was the only reason why I bought it but this hand cream was a nice bonus. Like the foot cream, I can still feel it when I wake up in the mornings.
This was a BirchBox discovery and when I first received it, I thought, "Umm, what??" As weird as the name is, the product is wonderful as a lip moisturizer! I'm almost out of the sample size and need to repurchase, which is always a clue that you really love a certain product. :)
Last, but certainly not least is my favorite eye cream. This little product helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles helps with bags under the eyes, which I tend to have after a long, hard day of teaching. 


  1. I use that Benefit moisturizer! I am also obsessed with the glass jar! We are going to San Fran in Januray and I am super excited to go to the actual store where Benefit originated! I must try that hand cream...I remember you posting about it last year.

    Great post!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

    1. Let me know how wonderful the store is! I LOVE their products. :) I tried their They're Real Mascara and I hooked! Best mascara EVER!!!



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