Jul 25, 2013

Kate Spade at TJ Maxx...What??

It's not secret that EVERY time I go to a TJ Maxx, I search high and low for two of my favorite brands: Lilly and Kate. I've stumbled upon several Kate Spade jewelry finds that I've purchased and I once saw  a black handbag-didn't purchase it, but I was thrilled to finally find one since so many people had told me that they had seen them there. I'm still holding out hope to discover a pretty pink bag instead of the boring black one they had. Last week I found a wonderful Lilly Pulitzer find- a caddy that perfectly stores my pens, markers, scissors, etc for creating things for my classroom. The best part? It was only $10!!! But that was nothing compared to my latest find...

I hate to say it, but as much as I love TJ Maxx for their home goods and accessories, I'm not the biggest fan of their clothes. I know people talk all the time about finding really cute clothes there, but I've never found that to be the case for me...until yesterday. I decided to cut through the clothes to get to the home goods, when a skirt that had been folded over the rack caught my eye. This skirt looked different than most of the clothing there, so I decided to go over and pick it up. I immediately saw that gorgeous square, green tag.
I was floored! I never expected to find Kate Spade clothing! It was like this hidden gem was just waiting for me to come and snap it up (which I did, of course!) I couldn't believe my luck! The skirt retailed for $368... but I got it on CLEARANCE for a MUCH, MUCH lower price!! I was beyond excited. I never stumble upon sales like this. Needless to say, this has been my best TJ Maxx find yet. :)

The skirt isn't available anymore (which is why I'm sure it was at TJ Maxx, not that I care a bit!), but I did find this picture of the model wearing it when it was available on the website. The skirt is a size bigger than I wear, but I can have it tailored to fit perfectly. I love having a successful shopping trip! 
Have you ever stumbled upon your favorite brand at TJ Maxx? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I've found several Kate Spade items at TJ Maxx lately!! They even had a dress I had purchased at Neiman Marcus 3 months ago!

    They had a pink bag I've been lusting over, too. It takes some time, but there's definitely been more Kate as of late!!



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