Hi y'all! I'm back with another catch up post, and this one is all about week FIVE! Week five was my favorite week to date. It was all about the roof and upstairs this week! I have always been worried about the upstairs of my house because I was afraid it would be too small, but once it was actually built, it was so much roomy than I thought! I'm really pleased with it. In fact, I may like it more than the downstairs LOL. 
Here's some progress pictures from last week! 

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Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm way behind on recapping house construction updates,  so we are farther along than what these pictures show. BUT for the sake of consistency, looking back on the process, and for people who are finding this post/blog through home construction and want to see the process I'm going to write this little post. 

Week 4 saw some MAJOR progress. The walls were done. The ceiling was started. And the stairs were constructed. The downstairs was completely framed at the end of this week and they were ready to begin the roof/upstairs the following week. Here's what everything looked like at this point in week 4.  :)

My office window! Well, one of them. The original plan had one front window in the office, but I wanted another because I want lots of natural light. Plus this side has the best view. :)

They framed the entire outside of the house this week, including the front side of the garage. 

The breakfast nook! This is one of my favorite little parts of the entire house. I can't wait to decorate this space and have breakfast here each morning. 

The upstairs is ready to begin!

They've finish the first part of the stairs this week and next week they will do the lower part. 

They got the back walls of the living room/breakfast nook done. The original plan had a large window and single door going out to the back porch, but I changed it at the last minute and made it have a french door and two windows, which I love and I'm so happy with the change!

The ceiling is starting to go up.

The back porch is taking shape.

Master bedroom

Last side completely framed!

The garage.

Week 4 is officially in the books. :)

Happy November 1st, friends! I had SUCH a good reading month in October and I cannot wait to share the 8 books that I read. October (and all of fall really) is such a busy month with school, but for some reason it didn't affect my reading thankfully! Let's just jump right in!

I had been seeing The Book of Essie everywhere, but since it was labeled "literary fiction" I didn't think it would be for me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good classic or more of a "thinker" book, but I just wasn't sure about this. But then so many of y'all kept saying that you loved this one and everyone kept telling me to pick it as one of my Book of the Month add ons, so I listened and y'all were right! 
I really liked this story. It reminded me of The Duggars even though I've never watched that show. I gave this one 4 stars because I did feel like some stuff was left unresolved at the end. 

I must confess, I was never a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines. I thought he was silly and annoying and I just didn't get the hype for these two. Then I started watching Fixer Upper and now I get it. I just adore Chip and Joanna and I am officially obsessed. I LOVED their book!

This was like The Book of Essie. I've seen it everywhere, but it didn't sound like my cup of tea. SOOOO many of y'all said it was your favorite book of the year and that convinced me to pick it up. Again, y'all were right! I LOVED this story! I wouldn't say it's my favorite of the year, but I definitely enjoyed it and would recommend it to y'all!

The Royal Runaway has been on my radar since summer and I've been counting down its release date and sadly I didn't love it. I had hoped it would be like The Royal We, but it just wasn't. There was way too much spy stuff and not enough cute interactions between the two main characters. I wasn't a fan of this book. :(

Christina Lauren is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance writers. I LOVED their upcoming release about two friends who realize they might be more than just friends after they both sign up for online dating. It was a quick, cute read!

Jodi Picoult's newest book was our October pick for #lalalifebookclub and I had mixed feelings on this one. I gave it 4 stars. I loved how addicting it was, but the number of characters and the fact that it was written backwards made it confusing at times. If you want to hear more of my thoughts, click the story highlights in my profile. Who else read this one this month? What did you think??

I was worried this would be another run of the mill thriller, but man was I wrong! Y’all, this thriller is soooo good! Everyone that picked it for their Book of the Month choice made a wise decision. The Lies We Told is about a man who has disappeared and his girlfriend is looking for him. Somehow he is connected to something that happened 20 years earlier with a missing girl that may or may not be his sister?!? Sooo good! 

I was so surprised at how much I LOVED The Accidental Beauty Queen. Her books are like Hallmark movies...they just make you happy! This one is about an elementary school librarian and her beauty queen sister and how the librarian has to step in and help her sister at a beauty pageant. Of course she falls in love with the pageant judge! If you love Miss Congeniality, you’ll love The Accidental Beauty Queen. This book comes out in December, so mark your calendars, friends! 

So that's what I read during October. What did you read?? 

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Week 3 of house construction is officially in the books and tons of progress has been made. I tell ya, if they could keep at this pace, I'd be moved in by Thanksgiving! Sadly I know this is the fast part and once the house is dried in everything will slow down. I'm loving this speed though!

Here's how the third week of my first house construction project went!

At the beginning of the week, they were ready to start laying brick. 

As soon as I went to the house Monday night, I was immediately worried. The brick didn't look anything like what it was suppose to. I noticed that the brick looked different when it was delivered, but I checked the name and it was what I had picked out. I even when and talked to the two brick layers and told them I was worried and they made me a little sample and assured me it would look differently when it was actually on the house. When I got to the house on Monday, this was what the brick looked like compared to what the sample that I picked out looked like.

I sent this to the contractor and he agreed that it didn't look anything like what I had picked out. He talked to the guy from the brick place and discussed the mortar color. The guy assured us that the mortar was the correct color and that it would turn a lighter shade within 3 days and once it cured in 3 weeks, it would be completely white. The contractor sent me pics of the mortar after they dried out a little place with heat lamps and blow dryers.

I can safely say it looks completely different now. If you're worried about your brick/mortar color, give it time and it will look different!

The floor is done! 

Now onto exterior colors. I've always wanted a gray house, but I'm not entirely sure if I want dark gray or light gray. I'm leaning towards dark, but feel free to give me your opinions!

On Sunday, I visited a section of Lowes that I had never set foot in: the water line section. ;) My sweet-84 year old- Pawpaw was determined to run my water line to my house and he did just that, along with the help of my 82 year old grandmother. Is that not just amazing, y'all?? I'm so thankful they are still able to do this!

And then there were WALLS! This made SUCH a huge change in the feel of the house. You could actually see rooms now. 

I had to make a decision about the number of windows in my bedroom and I asked y'all on Instagram what you thought. The majority said keep all 4 or take away the back porch window. I decided to keep all 4 because I love all the natural light. It will make furniture placement a little harder, but I'm so happy with that decision!

Half of the house is framed! Now it's ready for week 4 so we can framed the rest!


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